About four years ago, Seth launched a Kickstarter campaign, a four-book project that reached its goal in three hours. As he was building it, on a lark, he included a bonus: an 800-page behemoth that became a treasured collectible, sometimes selling for ridiculous prices on the used market.

That book really made an impact.

Building that book was a tremendous joy and totally exhausting. Fortunately, we forgot about how hard it was and just remembered the joy.

In May of 2016, we got the idea to do it again, a whole new book, even more magnificent than the previous one. We’ve been working on that book, codenamed: Titan, ever since.

There’s only one print run of this book, it’s truly a limited edition collectible hardcover.

In July, a blog post invited readers to help us figure out how much paper to order by reserving a copy. About 6,000 people raised their hands.

Along the way, we wrote them several notes about our progress, about the name, about other choices were were making…

[One of those choices involved working with Shipwire to build a worldwide supply chain to get the books to people for far less expense this time. For 85% of our customers, this means a much faster, much lower cost--in many cases, we cut the cost of shipping in half. Alas, for people in places like New Zealand, it still costs far too much to ship 18 pounds there safely, and for that, we apologize.]

In August, we gave the people who had reserved a chance to order the book, and rewarded the earliest super-early adopters by offering to put their names in the front of the book. More than 2,000 people took us up on our offer.

And now we’re at the second-to-final stage, the early bird window where we can show readers what we’ve built and accept their orders as the book is being printed. There are only 2,800 books allocated for the early-bird readers, and when they’re gone, that’s it.

The last stage will happen in November, when we have books in hand. We’ll sell the final batch off then, at a slightly higher price, and rush to get those books to people before the holidays.

Thank you for being here, for caring and for letting us build this collectible memory for you.

Here are some sample pages we’d love to share with you:

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