Worth collecting

I’d like to share a collection of my work with you.

We built a mammoth collectible, an 800 page, oversized, overweight, overclocked book. Illustrated, hardcover and worth saving. Or gifting. Or both.

A few thousand people grabbed a copy of the last collection I did four years ago. I wish we had printed more...

Limited Edition

There’s only going to be one printing of the book—once those copies are gone, there are no more. We gave people who pre-reserved a copy first dibs, and now we’re offering the rest to people who raise their hand.

The price is  $189  $129 plus shipping. We know shipping is expensive, especially since they're all coming from LA now, but we did our best to make it as efficient as possible.

We're going to run out

And it might happen in the middle of your order. For this, all I can do is wish you good luck. Just hit the order button below, choose a quantity and go.

Can't wait to share this with you.


 $189  $129 + Shipping

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